Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Week's Top 11 Stories: Walmart Costs Taxpayers $6.2 billion, MTA Close to Deal


Walmart’s low-wage workers cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $6.2 billion in public assistance including food stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing, according to a report published to coincide with Tax Day, April 15.

Read more @ Forbes
34,000 NYC subway & bus workers near deal for 8% raise over 5 yrs. Governor Cuomo abandons push for 3-yr pay freeze. @NYTimes
A new General Mills policy says if you use coupons or 'like' a brand online, you give up your right to sue. @NYTimes
Bangladeshi labor activist Hasina Akter said she was signing up workers during a unionization drive at a garment-factory dormitory in Dhaka when a group of men burst in, beat her, tore her clothes and threatened to rape her.  Read more @WSJ
An independent member of the Wakefern Food Corp. will open a discount store this summer in New Jersey.  Wakefern also opened a new food warehouse this week.
Newsday has the exclusive coverage of the endorsement
Three cheers to our brothers and sisters at the RWDSU!
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Top News April 11:


After refusing to back down from its decision to terminate 250 drivers, UPS on Wednesday agreed to give them back their jobs. The Atlanta-based company faced criticism for its stance, but then reached an agreement with the union to re-hire the drivers who work from a depot in Maspeth, Queens.

Read more @ Labor Notes
Under pressure from mothers working in their stores and women’s groups, Walmart recently altered its policy around accommodating pregnant women
In a move to directly compete with Whole Foods, Walmart, the nation's largest seller of groceries, aims to drive organic food prices down. Read more.
The new contracts will be reviewed and voted on 4/22 and 4/23
Robert Reich explains how $10.10 is a nice start, but we're far from a fair wage.
While restaurant operators across the country are grappling with higher local minimum wage rates or bracing themselves for a possible boost in the federal minimum wage, some restaurateurs have voluntarily lifted employee wages.
Checkout some union made products that might surprise you
NFL Cheerleaders aren't paid minimum wage and sometimes are paid in cash.  Read the alarming report.
Victories for Walmart Associates fighting for change this week.

OnPoint: April 16, 2014

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Key Food Contract Update

Contract negotiations continue progress with Key Food.  Negotiation Committees will meet on Thursday, April 24th Dan's & Pick Quick Key Food.  On  April 30th a tentative negotiation session has been scheduled with Mandell Key Food.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 12 Stories This Week: April 1

The biggest winners of the SNAP economy are the ones the government won't tell you about. Read more >
Just look inside the numbers of how "well" American workers are doing.  In a somewhat related story, see how low of a wage you could "get by" with.
Emails from a Senator's Chief of staff show a direct coordination between Politicians and an Anti-Union group hired to keep the UAW out of the Volkswagen plant.  UAW requested a delay after collusion was suspected, later in the week an anti-union group requested the hearing delay denied.
Tomorrow, April 5th, A&P will host private label events at Pathmark and Waldbaum's stores.
23 Domino's Pizza franchises throughout New York settled wage violations spanning from 2007-2013, for paying workers under minimum wage.  It's about time.
After 250 Teamsters protested a coworkers firing, UPS handed out pink slips to all of them.  On Thursday, NYC Politicians rallied and threatened to pull the plug on UPS city contracts.
AFL-CIO gives a translation of Target's latest installment of union-busting film.  This week Gawker discovered they even hired union actors to star in their new film.
Read his full statement here.
It doesn't add up; Big retailers like Walmart are donating millions to food shelters that their employees rely on.
A service that hires "freelance" delivery persons to shop at your favorite supermarkets, and deliver them straight to your door, last week they expanded to NYC.

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