Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Morning One Liners...

A Bay Ridge supermarket will shut its doors in June - and most likely reopen as - what else? - a chain drugstore.
Here's the April 1st article on the Bay Ridge Supermarket.

The city is losing $1 billion in sales each year to the suburbs because of a shortage of supermarkets, according to city planners.

With food prices rising nationwide, fruits and vegetables are fast becoming a cheaper alternative to pricy meats and dairy products for Brooklynites


3 vie for Recchia's Seat

RECORDS show that City Councilwoman Maria Baez (D-Bronx) withdrew $668.35 from her "Baez for the Future" fund to pay for 13 gas purchases between July 21 and Dec. 4.

A City Council member who represents parts of the Bronx, Maria Baez, gave $7,500 in discretionary council funds this year to a tenants association in her district that residents say doesn't exist, the New York Post reported yesterday.

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