Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top stories for the past three days

Been out of the office the first half of this week, so we'll sum up a few stories that we've missed...


The Amagansett Farmers Market will re-open for business, possibly by the end of this month, under the management of Eli Zabar, owner of Eli’s Bread and the brother of the owners of Zabar’s gourmet emporium in Manhattan.’s travel section highlights ‘Fairway Market’ as one of the hot spots to stop when in NYC.

East Hampton litter committee is seeking financial support from King Kullen and various other grocers in order to aid their attempt at removing all plastic bags from the town.

The Daily News says the ‘Labor Day Parade is Back!’

In the recent closings of many Starbucks locations, only 1 location in the five boroughs closed (Staten Island) while all in Manhattan were spared.

A Whole Foods supermarket in Chicago remained closed after city health inspectors again found mouse droppings and a dead mouse, officials said

The store re-opened Saturday after the company requested another inspection.


Bruno Says He Will Leave State Senate by Week's End

NY Sun writes more on the city council’s campaign finance laws.

The Greek News interviews Gristedes owner and mayoral hopeful John Casamatidis.

New York State extended unemployment checks by 13 weeks.

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