Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Morning One Liners...

Trader Joe's interior in Union Square in New Y...Image via Wikipedia

Wal-Mart continues to pursue building a store on a Civil War battle field for some reason.

Gourmet Garage will take the upper west side Balducci's location, they have also made an offer on the 14th St. location. Here's a photo of the sign in the window of the UWS location.

The Upper East Side Informer has more on what this means to the UES.

King Soopers workers reject another contract offer in Colorado.

Meanwhile the companies advertisements for 'temp jobs' drew crowds.

Out in Riverhead Long Island, communities are begging for a Trader Joe's to open.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the strong earnings of Supermarkets.

Senator Harkin is considering a compromise on Employee Free Choice
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