Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Queens gets a Fairway

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Queens gets a Fairway

Fairway Markets have announced they will be opening a new store in Douglaston, Queens, a supermarket starved area.

Fairway Markets announced they will be opening a store in Douglaston, Queens, an area salivating for a new supermarket, good food and good jobs:

"Area residents — short on supermarket options — are cheering a Board of Standards and Appeals decision allowing a Fairway Market to open in the Douglaston Plaza Shopping Center.
“We are so happy. The owner is very community minded; he’s a lovely man,” said Rosemary Guidice...

The community-minded Howie Glickberg will not only bring union jobs to the community but also healthy affordable food. Glickberg dispelled the common myth associated with Fairway as a 'upscale store', "Glickberg indicated his store’s prices are 15 to 25 percent cheaper than Waldbaum’s, with a greater selection of items for the public..." [The Queens Tribune has more on Fairway in Douglaston]

Fairway Market operates stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey, providing communities with union jobs and healthy, affordable food for over 50 years.
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