Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day, BJ's Sales Down, Labor Day Weekend!

Change to Win Federation

"A strong labor movement is at the heart of American prosperity. Decades ago, America's workers fought to bring us the eight-hour work day and the weekend, health care and paid vacations, safe jobs and pensions to retire on. America's unions helped create the middle class. Today, America's unions will reignite that same spirit and determination to give all working families a stronger voice in the workplace, in our communities, and in the global economy. We will not sit by the wayside. We are a movement in motion."
 -Change to Win Chair Anna Burger -Mobilizing for a New American Dream. in a statement on Labor Day 2009

King Soopers seeks to put more restrictions on Union Reps. 

Paula Deen is launching exclusive products at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club...Why is this a story? Two years ago Paula partnered with Smithfield in the midst of a labor struggle.

BJ's Wholesale Club reports sales down in August

Will Whole Foods survive Mackey's latest tirade?  The boycott Whole Foods group has grown to nearly 33,000 supporters, and it seems like there is a protest everyday, in Dallas most recently.

Workers at the Americold plant in Crete, Nebraska, obtained their first-ever union contract. 
this five-year contract negotiated by union members of  United Food and Commercial Workers 
Local 271 provides solid wage and benefit increases


Today's economy makes it a great time to be a union member.

Report: We need unions to build an economy with good jobs.

Unemployment hits 9.7%, but job losses slow.

Supermarket News covers retail stocks for August.

Politics, City, Elsewhere

"Unfortunately, he's never done anything in New York and he's learning the hard way that it's a union town."

Sen. Joseph Addabbo, on prospective Aqueduct racino developer Steve Wynn's anti-union ways, in today's Albany Times Union

Nassau County wants to be like NYC, they now want to post calories in restaurants

There won't be another push for congestion pricing.

California leaders back a Health Care program for the poor.

More money has been raised in this year’s comptroller race than ever before.

Remember the NYC Labor Day Parade is Saturday Sept. 12.


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