Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday News After Noon...

United Food and Commercial Wokers Local 99 wants to block vote on secret ballots
PHOENIX-- The state's largest private sector union is trying to block voters from deciding in November whether to constitutionally guarantee a secret ballot in public union elections.

ShopRight to Reopen Four Former Shaw's Stores in Connecticut Next Week
ShopRite said today it will open three new stores in Canton, Enfield and Stratford on Wednesday, May 26, at former Shaw's locations

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Walmart posts slower growth {NY Times}

Whole Foods Thronged at Pre-Opening Event (CT)
Newarly 2000 guests packed into the store over the course of three hours, taking in the sights, smells, and tastes of the upscale grocery.

Whole Foods Holder Sells $40.8M Worth.

Wegmans Partnering with Frito-Lay on Market Research
ROCHESTER,NY-- Wegmans Food Markets is consulting with Frito-Lay and other CPG companies on market research into new markets where the chain plans to open stores

AFL-CIO Blog: Working Families help Democratic Victories
In a Pennsylvania special congressional election yesterday, working family voters pushed hard and played a big role in electing Democrat Mark Critz over a Republican who staked a large part of his campaign on overturning health care reform.
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