Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Target Fires Pro-Union Worker 7-Weeks After Union Election

Tashawna Greene (middle), was fired 7-weeks after being a leading
pro-union voice at Valley Stream Target
By: Target Change

Aside from a new TV and microwave in a break room, Target Corp. has not changed. Not after a union election that depicted what life was like working for Target. Not after their anti-union video surfaced, illuminating what they really thing of workers banding together in order to better their lives. Not after the lies or threats. Not even after the Wall Street Journal reported on their controversial ‘sweatshop’ like factory in Northern Jordan where employees complained of rape, threats, physical violence and over 12-hour workdays. No, Target decided that they’re better off staying the same. Which is why two-weeks ago they fired Tashawna Greene, single mother of a 6-year old daughter, & a leading voice for change within Target in Valley Stream.

As a leading voice for change at Valley Stream Target, Ms.Greene would tell her co-workers they all deserved more respect at work.  She did this while remaining non-disruptive to business activity. Target claimed that Ms. Greene was fired for acting “in an overly hostile, disruptive manner that is inconsistent with Target's policies.” That's a convenient reason for Target. This is yet another repulsive act by a company who repeatedly shows they're not concerned about any repercussions for violating workers' rights.  They have fired Ms. Greene for one reason, her pro-union attitude. She was fired for believing she and her co-workers deserved more from their billion-dollar employer.  Is this the price Target workers must pay for standing up for themselves and fighting for what is right?  Ms. Greene never let her attitude towards the company affect her work. She said, “I believe I was fired because of my participation in the union campaign,” she continued, “Because I'm for the union, they wanted to get rid of me.”

She was fired almost immediately after a Local 1500 union organizer was seen dropping her off at work. The firing of Ms. Greene is another shallow, inconsiderate move by a company who has had nothing but opportunities to do right by their employees. Target continues to take these opportunities to change as opportunities to intimidate and diminish more rights for employees. Local 1500 has filed yet another Unfair Labor Practice Charge with the National Labor Relations Board alleging Ms. Greene was fired for activities with the union.  Target's scare tactics and intimidation continue, 7-weeks after the election in Valley Stream. It's sickening a company can go to this length.  "This won't stop us driving for change, this is what we need to change! This will only make us push harder," an anonymous Target worker said.

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