Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Monday News Bites:

A&P is heading to the bankruptcy judge today to seek approval of their re-organization plan.

Employees at an A&P in Armonk have filed labor complaints, claiming they weren't properly notified in the appropriate amount of time that the store would be store closing.

Giant Food has purchased two Fresh & Greens stores in Maryland. They were part of a group of eight former SuperFresh stores that Fresh & Green's parent company, Toronto-based Natural Market Restaurant Group, acquired last year from A&P.
More @ Supermarket News.

An EEOC charged has been filed against Walmart.

More: Discriminated women working at Walmart are still seeking justice against the retail giant after the sex discrimination suit which was thrown out of the US Supreme court last year. From the Huffington Post:
Five hundred female employees in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi and North Carolina filed discrimination charges last week with the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission, a federal agency that litigates on behalf of workers against their employers. The filings will pave the way for women to continue their fight in lower courts after being turned away last summer by the Supreme Court in their class action against Walmart. The women argue that Walmart systematically favors men over women for raises and promotions.
A blogger is campaigning to bring another Trader Joe's to Queens.

And congratulations to our New York Giants, Super Bowl Champions!!!

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