Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Mornin' One-Liners: A N.Y. Walmart is Infested w/ Rodents, A&P to Localize Stores

Updated 5/29/12 11:58 PM 

UFCW Local 1189 will be having a union election at Aldi.

Fairway Market will be moving into an old Pathmark at Woodland Park, NJ.

The Record: Sam Martin: The man with the plan to save A&P.

Supermarket News takes a look at initiatives to help food deserts.

New York's Iron Workers have a new contract.

A new ShopRite opened in Baltimore, bringing 250 new jobs to the neighborhood.

Walmart shareholders were urged not to re-elect Mike Duke as CEO.  Meanwhile U.S. lawmakers are frustrated with Walmart's lack of cooperation in the Mexican bribery investigation.

The Walmart in Sullivan, New York, has failed its' 4th health inspection, the store is infected with rodents.  The store could shut down if they fail a 5th.
On April 25, inspectors found 9 pounds of defiled food, more than 1,000 fresh droppings behind the chips and snacks, and three dead mice carcasses. On March 2, mouse droppings and mouse trails were found around the soda, pet foods and bread aisle. On Jan. 3, inspectors found 35.9 pounds of defiled food and 1,000 fresh mouse droppings behind the peanut and snack racks.
The Business Insider asks if this is the 'Most Disgusting Store in the Country?'

The Chicago Tribune wonders what affect the Mexican bribery scandal will have on Walmart's annual company party.

More: Controversy looms on Walmart's 50th anniversary.

A&P is expanding "Localized Remodels" starting with the Food Emporium on the Upper East Side.

Supermarket News analyzes that fresh store formats are growing, while traditional supermarkets are shrinking...

The Minnesota Star Tribune's Jim Spencer wrote on Target in Valley Stream's re-vote: Union still faces difficult odds against Target.

Workday Minnesota loves writing about Target workers getting a re-vote in Valley Stream.

The highly scrutinized NLRB's Flynn resigned this weekend.  Earlier this year NLRB Inspector General issued reports which detailed Flynn dispersing detailed, confidential information about NLRB cases and procedures in order to discredit the National Labor Relations Board.

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