Monday, March 18, 2013

We Support Locked Out UFCW 342 Workers!

Throughout the last week we've been walking the picket lines with our UFCW Local 342 brothers and sisters who have been locked out by Trade Fair in Queens.

Over 100 meat workers throughout Trade Fair locations have been working without a contract since October and were all locked out last week.  The owner has posted "Help Wanted" signs throughout the neighborhoods and in the stores.   Ownership is demanding lower wages, and slashing benefits in his contract proposals.  It is simply unacceptable and has disrespected many of the workers.

The Times Ledger has picked up the story and so has Supermarket News.

What can you do: Stop by a picket line or Sign the petition online.  Go into a Trade Fair and tell the manager to respect their meat workers and negotiate fairly!

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