Friday, April 19, 2013

Top 10 Industry Labor Stories From This Week

Our thoughts, prayers and love go to all affected in the ongoing Boston Marathon tragedy.  Our uttermost thanks go to Boston's first responders for their bravery.

1. Bangladesh Factory Fire Workers are battling Walmart for compensation.  They're not going to get it though, Walmart refused.  The factory fire killed over 112 workers at a garment factory tailoring clothing for Walmart.

2. Local unions throughout Boston are offered a $50k award for any tips that lead to arrest of the marathon bomber.

3. Stop & Shop makes a $500k donation to Boston Fund.

4. Walmart has made over $400,000 in political contributions to New York since 2010, a move that bought them a sweet heart provision in the new Minimum Wage reform.  The subsidy was never announced publicly and is expected to provide big retailers like Walmart millions of dollars each year. It would also give Walmart a tax-credit to replace their seasoned workforce with inexperienced teenagers at minimum wage.

5.  Must read by Josh Eidelson: 'I Jumped to Save My Body': Walmart Slammed over Nicaragua Stabbings & Bangladesh Fire killing over 100.  You should really check this story out,  it is an alarming reality of what it's like to make the clothes sold at thousands of Walmart stores across the globe.

6.  Fairway Stock Soars in their opening week as a public company.

7.  ShopRite is opening  at a former Delaware Pathmark site.

8.  A&P announces a closing of another Food Emporium in Manhattan.

9.  Cutting the Budget, Leaving Us Dry: Michelle Chen sums up wonderfully how the working poor aren't feeling positive effects from the economic "bounceback" and how Social Security cuts won't help.

10.  No NLRB, No Voice! Last week Congress essentially told working Americans to drop dead. House Republicans pushed through a dangerous bill that would paralyze the National Labor Relations Board, blocking the only path that workers have to workplace justice.
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