Friday, May 10, 2013

Top 11 Industry Stories From This Week


1.  Last week Target was found guilty of violating federal labor laws by the National Labor Relations Board.  Target respectfully disagrees, still.

2. In a shocking development, rescuers have a found a trapped woman in the rubble, 17 days after a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1,000.

3. A judge has dismissed claims against former A&P executives.

4. Walmart has launched a new image campaign.

5.  Detroit has joined the Fast Food Strike!  Fast Food workers throughout Michigan have gone on strike today, demanding better working conditions.

6. Whole Foods is mulling larger stores, and acquisitions.

7. Is the embattled Walmart CEO, Mike Duke, contemplating stepping down? UFCW has been calling for the CEO to step down since the Mexican bribery scandal was uncovered.

8.  Why do we need Unions again? A Pregnant T-Mobile employee was forced to use vacation time to use the restroom, then fired for 0.12 cent error

9.  The invisible epidemic of Wage Theft: When Your Boss Steals Your Wages, a Top Trend in American Corporations.

10. Construction is well under way for the new Aldi Food Market on Nostrand Ave.

11.  Make this Mother's Day Union Made! Check out the UFCW Union-Made Mother's Day Gift Guide!

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