Friday, June 14, 2013

Top 11 Industry Stories This Week!


1.  Rumors: Yucaipa is said to be mulling the purchase of the Fresh & Easy chain.

2. The Senate passed the Farm Bill this week...Here's what's in it, and here's how your Senators voted.

3. Labor Speech Ruling in California: The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday it will not review a case involving the constitutionality of labor-related speech by UFCW Local 8 on private property in California.

4.  The Fresh Market cites success in their California expansion.

5.  No Purchase Necessary: A&P has settled a charge it violated NYS laws conducting a sweepstakes promotion earlier this year, in March.  

6.  Ford & the UAW are negoitating a new "wellness" program, where workers will get paid more if they meet certain wellness goals.

7.  Could NYC have 4 Casinos in 7 Years? See what Gov. Cuomo said.

8. Exclusive: Walmart's hiring strategy: Hire Temps....YEAR ROUND.

9. Walmart accepted clothing from banned Bangladesh factories.

10.  Fairway posted a 4Q Loss...but is still on the upside of grocery stocks.

11.  Your Dad definitely wants a Union-Made Gift! Check out AFL-CIO's Father's Day Gift guide!

Thanks and to all the Fathers out there....Happy Father's Day!

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