Friday, October 10, 2014

What's News This Week: Walmart Kills Traditional Supermarket, Workers Strike Over Lack of Ebola Protection

Specialty Markets that promote towards income, taste, exotic and finally, with grocery sites like AmazonFresh, Peapod and others constantly popping up, customers are increasingly turning to the web instead of the supermarket aisle. What does this mean for the traditional supermarket industry?
SEIU 32BJ workers used their voice to strike against poor and unsafe working conditions after the first victim of Ebola died in the U.S. this week.
"'Sometimes you ask and they act like they don't know what it is, which is kind of bad,' said Alberto Grant, Jr., a terminal cleaner at JFK Airport. 'You end up cleaning it up with a spray bottle, a mop and you wipe it up with paper towels and pitch it in the garbage, instead of using the proper procedures.'" 
2. America Works More Nights and Weekend than Anyone Else
How many studies do we need to convince something isn't right in America.
President calls CEO's comments "short-sighted"
Towanda Carter was recently recognized by UFCW Region 1 for her outstanding service as a union member and for helping her fellow workers, both at her own workplace and elsewhere
6. Walmart Cuts Health Benefits for Part-Time Workers, Wants to Become More Sustainable
8. Walmart Free NYC Event: Low-Wage-Rage
Join us in NYC as we rally with our friends in community groups, labor and religious coalitions to make our voices heard against Low-Wages and poverty conditions the world's largest retailer promotes!
This terrifying video recorded in Greenland will amaze, frighten and shock you.
We at the UFCW are pushing every one to get registered, and find your voting location now!
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