Thursday, September 3, 2015

Key Food Negotiations Problems Report

Keeping you updated on all A&P news, the NY Post ran a story today regarding our negotiations with Key Food.  Here's a snip from the story:

Key Food, along with Stop & Shop and Acme, announced plans in July to buy 118 of the 300 A&P stores.
But union officials representing 28,500 workers in the A&P bankruptcy say that while negotiations with the latter two have been productive, the talks with Key Food have not.

Key Food wants to slash the number of full-time jobs and maintain only the lowest-paid part-timers...

Please read the entire NY Post story here

We are continuing to meet with all employers to save jobs and have them purchase A&P stores. We must stress, we want to have Key Food as buyers for the stores, however, their demands are unacceptable. We are fighting to save the jobs, benefits and entitlements that all men and women working for A&P have earned and families depend on.

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