Monday, October 12, 2015


To our members who work at A&P,

We understand that the A&P stores auction has been an uncertain and stressful period for all of you and your families. Please know that you are not facing this tough time alone. The UFCW International, RWDSU, and your Local Union are completely committed to helping you and your families in every way we can.

As of today, the A&P stores has auction concluded with a number of stores not being sold. We do not know if any further auctions or sales will occur and we are extremely disappointed to say that these unsold stores will most likely close within the coming weeks.

Local Union Representatives will be reaching out to members in affected stores and staff at our offices will be readily available to address any questions or concerns. Please know that our primary focus going forward will be helping you and your family move forward into better jobs and lives.

For stores that were sold, we are actively seeking opportunities to negotiate with new owners so that we can quickly secure jobs and peace of mind for those members and their families, but not all buyers have agreed to meet.

We realize how frustrating and confusing this process can be and have launched a website,, which will give you quick access to information about resource fairs, resume writing, and other critical services that may be available to you.

To help you and your family, we encourage everyone to attend a local resource fair if they can. A schedule of these fairs can be found at Your Union Representative should also have details.

These resource fairs are designed to help you with resume writing, job applications, job search, health care information and obtaining new skills. They also provide attendees with in-depth information about how to sign up for programs that are designed to help them and their families.

To help members find new jobs, we have arranged for local union grocery stores to participate in these events so that they may conduct interviews and accept applications from attendees for job openings that they may have now or in the future.

We know that this is an incredibly difficult time for you and your family. We are here to help. We are a union family and we will stand together to get through this.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Union Representative or your Local Union.

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