Friday, November 13, 2015

Top 11 Stories This Week: Fast Food Strikes, Fast Moving TPP, Ikea & Unions, Veterans Day

Cuomo to Create $15 Minimum Wage for New York State Workers - See more at:

Cuomo to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 for All New York State Employees

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced on Tuesday that he would unilaterally establish a $15 minimum wage for all state workers, making New York the first state to set such a high wage for its public employees.
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UFCW Local 1500 President Bruce Both's editorial on veterans was featured in two NY newspapers this week, The Downtown Express & Gay City News. We are forever grateful to every veteran for their selfless service.
2. Labor Pains for Mrs. Green's: Company Found Guilty of Labor Violations Polls West Village Community on View of Unions, Workers...
The real question is, why would a company found guilty of firing workers because they wanted a union, ask a community what they think about workers? Read the entire story @NYPost.
The company is in turmoil, and it's treatment of men and women who work in the stores is shameful.
Its most prominent organizing campaigns of recent years — of fast-food workers, domestics, taxi drivers and Wal-Mart employees — have prompted states and cities to raise their minimum wage and create more worker-friendly regulations. But what these campaigns haven't done is create more than a small number of new dues-paying union members. Nor, for the foreseeable future, do unions anticipate that they will.
“This expanded NAFTA style trade agreement will continue offshoring US jobs, increase wealth inequality, grow our trade deficits, and plunge more American families into poverty. It is clear that the TPP is written for the exclusive profit and monopoly interests of transnational corporations, granting them powers that usurp our systems and principles of democracy, civil liberties, and human rights,” said Frank Natalie, Executive Vice President of the Capital District Area Labor Federation.
As the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) debate intensifies, a coalition of U.S. and Mexican labor and civil society groups are taking an unprecedented legal approach to protect workers’ rights that will test the strength of labor protections in international trade agreements.
"Everybody in retail is dealing with an increase in minimum wage," said Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (PLKI). "We will adjust to increased costs just like we have before. Life will go on. There's been too much hubbub about it."
On Tuesday, one year before the 2016 presidential election, thousands of fast food workers walked out of their jobs in 270 cities. Organizers say it is the largest action yet by the three-year old Fight for $15 movement. An even larger number of workers from other low-paying jobs joined them in marches on local city halls in a total of 500 cities to send a message to political candidates: they represent 42 percent of the American workforce, and if they register to vote, they make a difference.
Yesterday, a large group of workers at an IKEA store in Massachusetts told the company they want to unionize. IKEA’s response so far? Nothing.

An Iraq War Veteran explains how defending America against climate change, can help defend our country.

A very similar situation to A&P bankruptcy is ongoing on the west coast, right now.  Super chain, Haggen is auctioning off its stores. Thousands of UFCW members are affected. 
Here's the latest UFCW statement.
Elsewhere & Out There:
Need for Climate Awareness: A study partially funded by Nasa predicted that civilization as we know it could be steadily heading for a collapse within the next century due to climate change– and the window to create impactful change is narrowing. Read the entire story here.
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