Monday, August 8, 2016

The Issues that Matter to Our Union Family

By: Marc Perrone
UFCW International President

As you all know, our union family endorsed Secretary Hillary Clinton for President of the United States because a clear majority of our members believed that she would be the best person to fight for the issues that matter the most to them.

But we also understand that some of our members preferred other candidates or other parties.  The truth is – racially, ethnically, and politically – we are a diverse union family.  That is our strength.  Such diversity makes us stronger, and we should embrace it.

While some UFCW members may not all share the same political beliefs or preference for candidates, we want to make sure that every UFCW member has the opportunity to express their views on the issues that they care about the most.  Most importantly, we want to make sure Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump understand that our members’ concerns matter in this election.

The Issues that Matter to Our Union Family
To ensure that both Clinton and Trump’s campaigns understand the needs and concerns of UFCW members, we will be sending a letter to both campaigns that details our members’ top issues and asks each presidential candidate what they will do to address them during the campaign and if they are elected President.

In many cases, Hillary Clinton has already addressed these issues.  In most cases, Donald Trump has not.  Either way, we will be formally reaching out to both campaigns, and want to make sure our members have an opportunity to speak out by going to

By visiting, UFCW members will have the opportunity to review the issues that will be included in the formal letter that we will be sending to each campaign.

We are determined to fight for the issues, causes, and better lives that all workers have earned and deserve.  And we will fight to hold the candidates whom we have endorsed, and even those we have not, accountable for the impact they have upon our union family once elected into higher office.

Thank you again for everything you do for your local union, our members, our entire union family, and workers everywhere.


Marc Perrone

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