Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Aftermath of I.C.E. in Fresh Direct

After December's ICE raid on Fresh Direct 100-300 workers (grossly Hispanic) have been suspended, and now many of them have been intimidated to quit their jobs. In an massively under promoted horrific story, almost 300 workers have been without jobs over the holidays and now most suspended workers have been coerced to quit their jobs. Yesterday elected officials spoke out against the raid and the intimidation tactics that companies continue to use on helpless workers that help make this city what it is. This time it was workers who help bring thousands and thousands of New Yorkers food to their footsteps. The tactics of Fresh Direct are inhumane and disgusting, at the midst of an Union election the I.C.E. coincidentally raided Fresh Direct headquarters resulting in a suspension of up to 300 workers who could not provide their required residency status papers. This was a blatant violation.
"NLRB election was announced in November, but on November 30, ICE informed Fresh Direct that it would soon start its audit. This violated the ICE policy of refraining from audits during a labor dispute," Thompson and Velazquez said. .

Please read the Queens Gazette's article regarding the ongoing problems at Fresh Direct

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