Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Local 1500 Member Services Online

I'd like to write about some of the services Local 1500 has made available online. UFCW Local 1500 has made enormous steps allowing members to do many things at the convenience from any computer.
  • Members can download pension forms here
  • Members can download a change of address form here
  • You can learn your Wiengarten rights here.
  • Members can request a Contract here.
The website also allows you to sign up for email alerts and updates. You may sign up for updates for the following by simply heading over to the sign up page.

And the most promptly you can email any questions you may have by using our contact form which is located here. Though I must note, Under no circumstances should you file a grievance online.

If all else fails you can always call the Union office at 1-800-522-0456 for information. I encourage all of you to take advantage of these features that Local 1500 has made available to all members.

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