Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon One Liners...

A&P, SuperFresh and Waldbaum’s stores have begun introducing products under the Hartford Reserve label — a new store brand featuring “premium artisan products at value prices,” the retailer here said.
Wal-Mart is posting videos of presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama in hopes to educate customers.

Whole Foods stock was downgraded again this morning.


Elliot Spitzer and his wife celebrated their 21st anniversary at Eli's.

If there is a Patterson Suozzi ticket in 2009, Cuomo will have a tough road.

Newsday writes on the 18th Assembly District.

Hiram Monnserrate opposes Term Limits Change.

The city comptroller said Sunday that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is strong-arming City Council members to support his plan to change the city's term-limits law so he can run again, but a Bloomberg spokesman denied it.

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