Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whole Foods in Gowanus will open never?, Wal-Mart "upgrades" products from China, Wednesday One Liners...

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Wal-Mart has announced it will step up its quality of products from China.

Here's more from the WSJ.

Wal-Mart Stores, Bentonville, Ark., is scheduled to convene a conference here today with many of its leading global suppliers, plus Chinese officials and non-government organizations, to outline "a series of aggressive goals and expectations to build a more environmentally and socially responsible global supply chain," the company said yesterday.
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The Wal-Mart Foundation has delivered $577,000 to New York state's network of food banks as part of a partnership that will also have the retailer conducting food drives inside its stores.

A federal judge has awarded $4.6 million in back pay and damages to 36 delivery workers at two Saigon Grill restaurants in Manhattan, finding blatant and systematic violations of minimum-wage and overtime laws.

The Federal Trade Commission here has appointed an administrative law judge to oversee its administrative antitrust case against Whole Foods Market’s acquisition last year of Wild Oats Markets.
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Stew Leonard's has offered reusable canvas bags to customers since last year, but its new crop of bags, introduced this week, reflects consumer preferences in materials and design.

To help it improve its gluten-free product selection and services, Wegmans Food Markets surveyed shoppers on their gluten-free item needs

The Gowanus Lounge writes about the long awaited Gowanus Whole Foods, and says residents will have to continue their waiting...


Obama says McCain is 'running out of time.'

Leaders of three major state employee unions met with Gov. David Paterson on Tuesday for what was described as a freewheeling discussion of how the state can save money to deal with its growing budget deficit.

Rep. Vito Fossella's conviction last week in Virginia for drunk driving should also be the final nail in his political coffin.
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