Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wal-Mart under triple scrutiny in Canada, Wednesday One Liners...

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The Brooklyn Eagle examines three new supermarkets opening in Brooklyn.

Wal-Mart in Canada is under triple scrutiny. (Press Release UFCW Canada)

Labor has also opposed Wal-Mart's bank bid in Canada.
Stop & Shop will be taking over two 'Grand Unions' in Massachusetts.

Supermarket News picked up the story too.

UFCW held a rally in front of a PriceRite in Providence in which over 100 people attended.

A private equity firm is buying a 17 percent stake in Whole Foods Market, a much-needed vote of confidence for a chain that is being battered by increased competition and a weak economy.

Tops Markets here this week reopened a renovated store in Olean, N.Y., marking the first remodel under the chain’s new owners.
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Soil tests of private land at Willet's Point revealed widespread contamination of the Queens industrial zone - a finding that could boost Mayor Bloomberg's efforts to redevelop the area.

The cost of health care premiums in New York has gone up seven times faster than salaries since 2000, an advocacy group says - but the higher payments often produced thinner coverage.

The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company is moving its Food for Friends program into high gear, seeking to raise more than $1 million for more than 300 local hunger relief organizations throughout the Northeast. Stop & Shop’s charitable program kicked off on Oct. 31 and will run through Dec. 4

Big Box
After reading Wal-Mart's Press Release "Wal-Mart backs Main Street" Al Norman asks, "After having ravaged Main Street merchants for the past 46 years, how could Wal-Mart "back" Main Street by any stretch of the imagination?"

David Orgel, Editor in Chief of Supermarket News writes 'How to compete with a re-energized Wal-Mart'

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s biggest retailer, and Fonterra Cooperative Group Ltd. have been named to a list of the largest companies most criticized for their impacts on the environment, health and communities.

Reuters analyzes what the 3rd quarter earning results could mean from Target and Wal-Mart.

Circuit City has filed for Bankruptcy.

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market — the U.S. division of United Kingdom-based Tesco — was scheduled to open its 100th U.S. store today in Fullerton, Calif., just one year after launching its U.S. operation.
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Newsday says both Democrats & Republicans have high expectations of the newly elected Brian Foley.

Steven Greenhouse of the NY Times tells what labor expects of Obama.

Another editorial on what this election means for Labor.

Schumer is pleading to Obama to help the city overcome the economic crisis.

Ten of the Republican party's 30 state senators re-elected last week are at retirement age or past, a problem the Republicans must face in 2010.
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