Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Just days away from Thanksgiving, in one of the premier food-selling periods of the year, the Stop & Shop Supermarket Company said yesterday it was recalling all butternut squash sides that are packaged with the supermarket chain's prepared turkey and ham holiday dinners, in the wake of a recall launched by one of its vendors.

A Thanksgiving meal in NYC will cost more than any other city in the country.

Eric Gioia wants to know why Costco doesn't accept Food Stamps.

Stocks in supermarket operators — including battered names like Whole Foods Market and A&P — rebounded strongly Monday as markets reacted to news of Citigroup's bailout.
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Wal-Mart locations in California will pay consumers $3 at the register when they make a pricing error, according to terms that are part of a settlement over price-scanning errors announced Monday by officials here.
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Whole Foods Market has rolled out a selection of socially responsible holiday food and nonfood gifts that range from handmade Nepalese felted wool ornaments to organic cotton peace scarves.
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Senator Chuck Schumer will exit the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee after two cycles as the chief of the campaign arm, Schumer’s office confirmed Monday afternoon.

The Times reports that Charlie Rangel helped maintain a tax loophole for a drilling company whose top executive donated $1 million to Rangel's eponymous CUNY center. Rangel previously opposed the loophole

Writing in Politico, Tom Suozzi floats an plan to have the federal government take over the local cost of Medicaid.

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