Monday, February 9, 2009

Wal-Mart uses rescession as ally to open new stores in Chicago, Fresh Market and family, Monday Morning News...

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What's the haps with Wal-Mart

Citing the need for new investment to boost the sagging local economy, Wal-Mart is preparing to launch a new push for approval of as many as five new stores in Chicago, sources said Thursday.

Wal-Mart eyes 12 'Food Deserts' in Chicago.

Wal-Mart to cash a check for up to 6 times to state fee in Connecticut.

Grand Jury is calling witnesses for the Wal-Mart stampede this past Thanksgiving.

Springsteen fans: "disappointed" [Wal-Mart deal]


Fresh Market goes corporate: The 26-year family run 'The Fresh Market' came to an end last week when the Berry family stepped down from CEO position.

A Federal agency declares Bashas' discriminates against Hispanic employees.

Smith's & Food 4 Less ratify UFCW contracts in Las Vegas.

BJ's Wholesale Club goes back to basics.


New York Times:
Patterson's Supermarket Winery's.

More on the debate on selling wine in Supermarkets.

NY GOP to Guiliani: "Help"

Working Families Party pushes forward in Suffolk County.

SEIU, UCFW and other worker rights advocates are escalating their campaign against Republican efforts to obstruct the appointment of Congressmember Hilda Solis as the new Labor Secretary. Solis

Companies and Unions set to square off on Employee Free Choice.

Gillibrand the flip flopper.

Andrew Cuomo, not running for Governor, speaks to conservatives.
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