Friday, February 27, 2009

$1.5 million in unpaid overtime...

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By: Kate Meckler, UFCW

In light of today's breaking news regarding the 1.5 million dollars that gourmet grocers Amish Market, Zeytinia, Zeytinz and Zeytuna were fined for not paying their workers properly, I am compelled to talk about the
Gourmet Grocery Industry in Manhattan.

As the DOL's Commissioner Smith reported on
the experiences of some of the workers, I had tears in my eyes
wondering how this could still be happening in America? It's 2009 and
we're still fighting for workers to be treated with dignity and
respect, to be treated fairly, and to know that when they go to work
each day they're getting paid an honest day's pay for an honest day's

This is why we are working on a broader Gourmet Grocery Campaign,
which is a part of our Building Blocks Project to bring Good Food,
Good Jobs, and Good Health to all NYC residents. We're talking about
improving Manhattan's Gourmet Grocery Industry by making sure there
is safe, fresh food for consumers, and a real voice on the job for the
workers in these stores, which we believe leads to good health for all
New Yorkers.

We'll keep you posted on our latest research and findings...Coming
soon: A report card on your local Gourmet Grocer!

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Paul Chaston said...

You are not alone in experiencing unfair empoyment practices. Here in the UK. today, even after at least 20 years of EU employment legislation many workers are treated and paid unfairly. Many women are still paid less than their male colleagues doing the same work