Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bruno's Management to receive bonuses, New Yorkers pay a lot for rent, Tuesday One Liners...

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A court ruled yesterday that Bruno's management will receive bonuses...UFCW spokesman said:
"What you see on Wall Street has managed to work its way down South," said Corey Owens, the union spokesman. "These managers are about to get rich for running this company into the ground." If anyone if going to profit from the sale of Bruno's, Owens said, it should first and foremost be workers and communities that have stores.

A local pizzeria and bagel store are hurting now that stores like Circuit City and Linen's and Things have left in Staten Island.

Supermarket News has more on 1262's negotiations.

Tesco is expected to concede that its first U.S. operation, Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets, will not be profitable this year when it announces full company results later this week..

Wal-Mart is cutting bottled water to save shelf space.

Hundreds of construction trade union members plan a rally 1 p.m. today at the Capitol to blast state funding for projects — including GlobalFoundries' $4.2 billion computer chip plant — that lack requirements for labor union pay rates, hiring or project agreements.

More than a quarter of New Yorkers are spending their money on rent, the Bronx was the hardest hit where 33.1% of residents use half their monthly income or more on rent.

A new bill introduced today would halt the sale of cigarettes in Supermarkets and Drug Stores.

Makers of Plastic Bags will use 40% of recycled material by 2015.

Ruben Diaz Jr. will be named Bronx Borough president today.

And finally Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shopped in Stop & Shop this past weekend,

Elliot Spitzer beats Patterson in a new Poll.

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