Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Morning One Liners...

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Change to Win and AFL-CIO have united to create a coordinating committee.

D'Agostino to attend New York Food Chain Summit...The summit aims to bring together farmers and agricultural experts to plan a supply cahin from western NY farms to the NYC market.

Retailer Penn Traffic here will close two stores early next month, a company spokesman told SN Monday.
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Governor Patterson expected to OK red light cameras in Long Island.

Atlantic City press asks what would another Wal-Mart do in N.J.?

Bloomberg spends $3 Million on TV ads.

Coney Islands 'marketplace' is unveiled.

Layoffs of 8,700 state employees are set to begin in July.

That excludes non-unionized managers, who acquiesced to concessions.

Union bosses say this will put lives at risk.

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