Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wal-Mart forced to pull advertisment with lies, Local 1776 and 7 contract updates

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Wal-Mart Stores has pulled a national advertisement that says consumers can save $700 a year shopping at its stores after H-E-B challenged the ad and filed its objections with an industry group.

More on Wal-Mart's checkered advertising campaigns.

Ahold yesterday made an offer to repurchase notes to reduce net interest expense and debt. The Amsterdam-based retail conglomerate’s subsidiary, Ahold Finance USA, is proposing to buy back any and all of the outstanding $690 million 8.25 percent guaranteed senior notes due in July 2010. The buyback will be paid for out of existing cash balances.

Meanwhile the S&P upgraded their stock.

Safeway workers across Colorado have overwhelmingly rejected the grocery chain's counter-offer and re-authorized a strike first approved on May 8.

Workers for Acme Markets Inc. poured into the Spectrum last night to reject a controversial contract, paving the way for a potential July 10 work stoppage at 41 Southeastern Pennsylvania stores

Meanwhile Coloardo Safeway workers have rejected their contract proposal as well.

UFCW Local 1776 and Acme are 'nearing a showdown' as the Philadelphia Inquirer says.

Over 25,000 letters sent to the city councils of Los Angeles and New York urging elected officials to not let Wal-Mart build stores in their communities.

A Saskatchewan judge has overturned the union certification of a Walmart in Weyburn. CKOM is reporting that Justice Peter Foley said in his ruling that workers should be allowed to vote on whether they want a union or not.

Walgreens will reintroduce beer and wine into their stores.

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