Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Morning One Liners...

D'Agostino is debuting a new logo (left).

Wal-Mart: Unemployment up, so let's outsource more jobs to India!

Wal-Mart's shareholder meeting unveiled that the company has been overwhelmingly profiting throughout this recession.

Wal-Mart's shareholder voting results.

Whole Foods Market stores in Manhattan this week are offering to take shoppers home for free — via rickshaw.

Delaware introduces 'Beer and Wine at the Grocery Store' Bill.

Safeway and United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 here agreed last week to extend their current contract through June 26 as negotiations continue over wages, health care and pensions, according to the local.

Meanwhile, UFCW workers for King Soopers Inc. will vote in the Denver area Monday and Colorado Springs on Tuesday on the supermarket chain's latest contract offer

The UFCW filed a $450,000 claim in the bankruptcy case of Bruno's Supermarkets LLC, saying that its investment banking adviser made a "substantial contribution" to securing a buyer for 31 of the grocery chain's stores.

More on "Hand Scanners"

Wal-Mart's Hispanic themed store "Mas Club" will debut in Houston on July 2nd.

Wal-Mart, Tesco, both not seeing results from small store formats...

G.O.P. Regains Control of New York State Senate

The Democrats' tenuous control of the New York State Senate abruptly collapsed on Monday, throwing the Legislature into chaos with just two weeks remaining in its session. Two dissident Democrats, who had been secretly strategizing with Republicans for weeks, bucked their party's leaders and joined with 30 Republican senators to form what they said would be a bipartisan power-sharing deal. But the arrangement effectively re-establishes Republican control. The change upends the agenda in Albany, where Democrats had assumed power in the Senate in January, with 32 seats, after more than 40 years in the minority. Democrats were pushing bills to give tenants more rights, strengthen abortion rights and legalize same-sex marriage this session.

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