Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Morning One Liners...

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546,000 pounds of ground beef are being recalled because of possible contamination from the E. coli bacteria.  The retailers include: Trader Joe's, Price Chopper, Lancaster, Wild Harvest, Shaw's, BJ's, Ford Brothers, and Giant.

Three former executives of Ralphs Grocery Co. here are suing the company for firing them in the wake of the 2003-2004 strike-lockout.

Study: Recession doesn't hurt meat, poultry sales.

The Financial Times says Wal-Mart's continued urban expansion is laying ground work for yet another stab to try and open a store in New York City.

The Working Families has a new tool: MYWFP Candidate Finder, which allows you to type in your address to see what candidates the WFP has endorsed.

A Columnist quits after Newsday starts charging for website.

New poll has Bloomberg up 15 points on Thompson.

Old Yankee Stadium demolition underway [Curbed]
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