Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon One Liners...

Labor Notes: Mott's Strike Enters Month 3, Seeks National Support

Yesterday, N.Y. State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli visited the Mott's picket line. [Press Release]  The Daily News also picked up the story.

More @ RWDSU

Check out WNYLabor's video on Mott's.

Sour Apples: Mott's Workers Continue to Strike as Harvest Season Looms....

Wal-Mart has quietly been raising prices. [The Daily Finance]

N.Y. State Senate rejected the Farm Workers Bill: The measure would require farmers to pay workers time-and-a-half wages and provide 24 consecutive hours of rest each week. Collective-bargaining rights would also be extended to employees who work on farms that record more than $650,000 in gross income over a year.

Foxwoods is appealing their UFCW representation vote. The casino and its tribal owner, the Ledyard-area Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, last week disclosed its intention to appeal. Bartenders, drink servers, and bar porters voted 190-145 to affiliate with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 371.

Steven Jenkins, cheese impresario and senior manager of Fairway Market in New York City has written an Op-Ed in The Gourmet Retailer.

Sam's Club is adding WiFi?

Missed the UFCW's Panel on Immigration Reform? You can watch it here.

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