Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday News: Target Boycott Goes Way Beyond Minnesota

Target Boycott Goes Way Beyond Minnesota
Tens of thousands of people send emails to the company urging them to rescind the donation of $150,000 to Tom Emmer, an anti-gay GOP politician in Minnesota.

BNet: East Harlem Target Launches With a Food Focus
The Target will offer a selection of produce and fresh meat that's limited but still extensive enough for customers to shop the location as a basic grocery store.

SI LIVE: Trader Joe's May Be Coming to New Springville
"We're pretty sure it's happening," said Cesar Claro, president and CEO of the Staten Island Economic Development Corp.

A&P Launches Rx Reminder Program
A&P Has launched two new services that allow customers to manage their prescriptions, and also can notify them when the prescriptions are ready to be picked up.

Times Union: BPA Toxic Law Signed
New York becomes the seventh state to phase out children's products with the chemical BPA. BPA is detected in 93% of Americans, with younger children having higher levels than adults. 

Walmart Knows Where Your Jeans Are
Walmart began placing removable radio-frequency ID (RFID) tags on jeans and underwear. The retailer claims this will help with inventory and preventing theft, but the move has privacy advocates worried. 

Assessing Wal-Mart's Russian Prospects
Wal-Mart is significantly ramping up overseas expansion efforts to offset slowed growth in its domestic market. 

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