Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday News: BJ's Recall,

BJs Wholesale Club Recalls Ground Beef
A ground beef recall due to possible E.coli contamination includes distribution to BJ's Wholesale Club in eight states. Approximately 8,500 pounds of ground beef were recalled. 

BJ's May Close Store
WESTBORO, Mass-- After a more than 20- year presence, BJ's Wholesale Club in Westboro may close next year, when the company opens a bigger store less than 2 miles away. 

Seattle Times: Costco Bans Treatment of Veal Calves
Costco Wholesale decried the treatment of veal calves by a supplier in Ohio, saying the company did not know about it before seeing video taken by the activist group Mercy for Animals. 

Hannaford " Coming Soon" to Lake Placid

Whole Foods Keeps Promise to Buy Locally
"One of our goals is to have the fewest amount of miles between growers and stores- especially our fruits and vegetables"- Michael Sinatra, Whole Foods Market Northeast Public Relations Coordinator 

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