Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekly News: One Million Women vs Walmart, 3 Month Mott's Strike on CBS News

CBS News:
 Mott's Demands Pay Cuts Despite $555M Profit
Three hundred union members are locked in a heated dispute, symbolizing a new shift in the powe struggle between management and labor in America.

More from AFL CIO Blog:
Mott's Corportation Greed: Rotten to the Core

The world's largest private employer will try to shoot down the largest employment discrimination class- action lawsuit in American history. 

The mega retailers is preparing for the United States to lose its title as the world's largest economy to China in coming years and plotting ways to take advantage of the growing middle class in the world's most populous nation. 

Ending Slave Labor: Will Trader Joe's Agree to Fair Food?
Trader Joe's, as well as other grocery chains, have yet to sign on to the Fair Food Campaign to protect farm workers and provide livable wages. 

The Upper East Side will get a Fairway: Fairway to Open Upper East Side Location in fall 2011

Great Atlantic Mulling Sale of Food Emporium Chain
The supermarket operator has said it will consider selling "non-core assests" to improve liquidity. 

Stop & Shop Slams A&P in Lawsuit Response
The drama continues, In response to a lawsuit filed, Stop & Shop said that advertisements comparing its prices with A&P were not misleading. 

Big Y to Buy 7 A&P Stores
Big Y Foods said Wednesday it has agreed to acquire seven A&P supermarkets in northern Connecticut. 

State Will Help Fill Gap For ShopRite Supermarket
Somerville, NJ-- The state of New Jersey will help bridge the gap between what the banks will lend and the amount needed to convert the little, old Pathmark into a big, new ShopRite.

ShopRite Launches Retail Grocery Andriod App
"Our customers are on-the-go more than ever, and by teaming up with MyWebGrocer we continuue to make their busy lives easier," - ShopRite VP of marketing Cheryl Williams.

Customers can pre-order their groceries online, and pick them up at a special curbside pickup spot at the store.

CNN: Democrats to the President: Get a Clear Message
"It just seems like there's a disconnect right now with how Obama is trying to move his agenda and how it really will help people,"- Tony Helfer, President of UFCW Local 23

Union Representatives Protest Outside Bridgeton IGA
Bridgeton, NJ-- Representatives of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 152 are accusing the owner of unfair labor practices. 

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