Friday, May 27, 2011

Week's End One Liners: Changing Target...

Just a few news stories focusing on the campaign to Change Target....

We've filed charges against Target for allegedly creating an 'unfair and intimidating' atmosphere for workers at Target who are voting for UFCW representation on June 17. [Crain's]

News outlets across North America are now questioning if Target is no better than Walmart.

In Canada, where Target just unveiled their new stores, the Montreal Gazette has a close eye on what's going on in Valley Stream.

The New York Times' Steven Greenhouse writes about the workers at Valley Stream Target and their campaign to change the culture at Target.

After the NYT story, Gawker posted a commentary, which resulted in current and former Target workers sending in their experiences from working at Target, the result? They say they NEED to Unionize.

We created a digital advertisement that was to run in New York City, highlighting Target's working conditions and overall culture...CBS decided to balk at the ad after accepting it and reaching out to us initially.

the American Dream Movement: Struggle to Unionize Intensifies for Target Workers at Valley Stream....

Last month, Local 1500 went to Washington to ask for help in the Pathmark crisis.

A&P announced the completion of auctioning off of 25 Superfresh stores.

Mrs.Green's is taking over SuperFresh in New Brunswick.

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