Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Afternoon News Recaps: 6/8/11

UFCW Contract Update: Southern California grocery struggle to preserve medical benefits.
 ....Authorizing strikes at major supermarket chains in San Diego.

UFCW urges shoppers to respect picket line in Southern California.

Congressional Republicans threatening to cut National Labor Relations Board.

Chronic unemployment
worse than Great Depression.

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. has hammered out a new money-saving agreement with its wholsale supplier.

A&P makes deal with major supplier to cut costs.

Protests in 10 cities to support FLOC.

Wal-Mart works with unions abroad, not at home.

Valley Stream Target vote being watched closely by other big-box retailers.

Sparks start to fly in Target fight 

Local 324 members of Southern California struggle to preserve medical benefits in new collective bargaining agreement.

Chronic unemployment worse than Great Depression.

Local 135 of San Diego can effectively srtike major supermarket chains.

The British Embassay in Washington, D.C., and consulates in nine U.S. cities were picketed by Union activists.

Wal-Mart works with unions abroad, but not at home.

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