Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Message to Local 1500 Members Working at Pathmark Supermarkets

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 13:  A person walks in...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeDear Pathmark Member;

The A&P/Pathmark bankruptcy process continues to evolve. I realize the frustration you must all be feeling and I greatly appreciate your patience. I assure you the process is moving along.

The affected Unions and A&P are currently exchanging information. A&P’s financial data and business plan are continuously being reviewed. The Union negotiating team must have the most accurate and credible information to properly assess A&P’s current financial situation.

I can tell you that the company has given the UFCW Locals its initial proposal and it is being reviewed. I expect to make a summary of the company’s initial proposal available for your review within the next few days. I caution you that these are only the companies’ first set of proposals. As long time Union members, you understand that the first proposal will only be a starting point for negotiations and that we will only use it for purposes of negotiating a more reasonable settlement.

Our goal from day one of this process has been too work with the company to reach an agreement that allows them to recover and grow economically while protecting the rights and livelihoods of our members working in their stores. That goal has not and will not change.

While we must hope for and work towards the best possible solution, we must prepare for the worst possible result. Our staff has developed a comprehensive response should one become necessary.

Again, I thank you for your patience. I also want to thank you for the many words of support and encouragement I have heard over the last few weeks. As long as we continue our strong solidarity, we will survive these difficult and challenging times.

Remember: One Union, One Voice!!

Bruce W. Both

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