Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Morning News Briefs:

Exterior of the King Kullen in North Babylon, ...Image via WikipediaHappy Labor Day! 

Check out this great Op-Ed: Unions & America fit together like Legos!
Message from the editorial: If we don't love and support the working men and women of this country, we are in deep trouble.

Southern California negotiations overshadow Labor Day.

Small business owners have a lot to lose if there is a strike in Southern California. [Press Release]

[LA-Times] A California bill that would ban alcohol sales at self-checkouts progresses..

Kroger has purchased nine Schnucks supermarkets, which raised an interesting discussion as the FTC worries about monopoly concerns as Target & Walmart continue to expand as grocers.

Another cheap hustle from Walmart as they donate $50,000 to the Brooklyn Public Library.

A new King Kullen in Island Park, which has been held up by red tape for the last few years, is scheduled to start construction next month and open in late 2012. [Long Island Press]

A new book chronicles the rise of A&P.

Former Nostrand Ave Pathmark shoppers are now shopping at 'Food Basics'.

In Ohio, Kroger employees are taking their case to public after negotiations between the company and employees break down...Kroger is refusing to budge on employees’ demands for a pay increase after management received a pay raise in July. 


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