Friday, September 23, 2011

Week's End News Briefs:

It's Hispanic Heritage month at the UFCW!

Why is Target's glamor continuing to fade? Business Week highlights the reasons, one of them being their dreadful labor practices...Or a former Target executive sums up the retailer’s existential moment this way:
“Target has been able to hide behind Wal-Mart’s size, and I don’t think it can do that anymore.”
A supermarket in Brooklyn faces over $62,000 in fines for locking night-shift workers inside the store.

The New York City Council approved a new Brooklyn shopping center to be anchored with a BJ's Wholesale Club.

The CEO of BJ's affirms that the sale of the company was the right decision.

Report: Walmart needs 159 stores in NYC to satisfy their Bloodlust...The Report shows the city would be devastating: a net loss of 3,980 jobs, $353 in lost wages, 105 businesses lost in East New York alone, and 4,279 new happy Wal-Mart employees who'd have to rely on government-funded health care. [download the pdf]

NY1 Exclusive: Walmart needs 159 NYC Stores.

City Hall News: A Walmart Invasion Predicted...

Gawker: Horrifying Study: 159 NYC Walmart Stores.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Walmart is opening their 3rd store in the last few years...

Here's a list of top U.S. Urban Food Deserts, NYC comes in at #8.

Census shows that 1 in 5 New Yorkers lives in poverty.

 Tentative pact reached in So.Cal UFCW Labor negotiations.

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