Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon One-Liners....Walmart Closes Marketside Stores

The UFCW stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

Workers from seven Medical Marijuana centers in Colorado voted to join the UFCW yesterday.
"Medicinal cannabis is a commercial-production-for-human-consumption industry, and UFCW is the commercial-production-for-human-consumption union," said Dan Rush, the UFCW international director of Medical Cannabis​ and Hemp Industry Division."Our medicinal-cannabis members have just as much dignity and sincerity as our members in the grocery, meat, dairy, food-processing and agricultural industries,"
Trader Joe's is planning their first upstate NY store, where few have been successful taking on the powerful charismatic Wegman's.

Another Walmart idea fails as the store announces they will close their "Marketside" concept.  The stores were originally intended to provide shoppers with quick ready to go meals, produce and groceries. More: [Reuters]

Walmart & Starbucks are both lobbying hard to get into India.

Walmart's China CEO has stepped down, after a year of tough public relations which included last week's pork scandal.

People are starting to look at Walmart's impact on local agriculture in South Africa.  "It's always a concern when you bring cheap food to a country..."

One more Walmart story, Walmart improving environmental stances, still neglecting workforce...

When wanting to work costs you your job: Target Manager Fired for working Off the Clock.

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