Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon One-Liners:

Target just doesn't provide lots of hours to workers as we saw in Valley Stream, but now a Target Manager was fired for working through lunch.

A UFCW Local 1500 King Kullen will be opening in a new store in Garden City this November.

Huntington Patch: Future Uncertain for Local Pathmark Employees.  A spotlight on Local 1500 member Pete Globoschutz.

Walmart Free NYC will be hosting a teach in tomorrow in NYC @ Liberty Park.  More info @ Facebook.

In Long Island, a proposed bill could give the County executive the power to unilaterally open all county contracts up and decide which provisions he/she would like to retain or eliminate.  We, along with thousands of Long Island working families, find is ridiculous and unconstitutional. 

Occupy Wall Street: Working Families are Struggling.

Working Families Party's Dan Cantor is interviewed in City Hall News this week, discussing #OWS.

An advertiser's take on the middle class: More Diverse, Harder Working--and Still Shrinking....

Labor costs and inventory shorts have Walmart struggling to stock shelves.

Some grocery stores are unplugging their self-checkouts.

Biggest strike to date leaves Greece at a standstill for two-days.

UAW workers have ratified a new agreement with Ford.

And elsewhere, Carmelo Anthony planted Harlem's 500,000th tree this weekend.

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