Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's One-Liners: Black Friday Recaps & NLRB Under Attack

The NLRB is split on the new rule change, (which would cut the useless waiting periods companies have used for to push their anti-union propaganda and simplify the union election process) and last week the lone Republican serving on the National Labor Relations Board threatened to resign if the new change goes into effect.

On November 30 the AFL-CIO will hold a special forum in DC to analyze the attacks on the NLRB and workers' rights.

On Black Friday, which always brings the best out in people, 2 shoppers were hurt, 1 arrested at a Walmart upstate NY where several fights broke out.  In LA, a shopper pepper sprayed fellow customers as the doors opened at a Walmart.  Fox did a nice round up of all the violence from across the country on Black Friday.

Walmart's Black Friday: Shootings, Pepper Spray & a Blackout.

An exhausted Target worker fell asleep after working long hours on Black Friday and crashed into a canal.

In Saranac NY, residents kept a Super Walmart out, then opened their own Community store to keep the local businesses alive!

A&P union workers across the east cost are voting on a modified contract to help the company emerge from bankruptcy.

Supermarket News looks at Ahold's new growth strategies.

Stop & Shop is set to unveil a new concept store in Massachusetts.

To the surprise of local residents, St. James King Kullen expansion was approved by the Smithtown town board.  More @ Newsday.

Walmart is finding ways to win big in California new initiatives.

AlterNet asks, is Walmart Chairman Rob Walton the worst of the top 1%?

An attorney has questioned the legality of a bill that would require Walmart and other national big box stores to meet with community groups to discuss wages, employee treatment and working conditions before opening.

UFCW Canada is calling all activists to help: Stop the Blacklisting of Migrant Workers!

More: Three Mexican farm workers who claim they were arbitrarily booted from Canada are suing the federal government and an Ontario company in a case that raises questions about the vulnerability of migrant labor.

In the first 12 days, 300,000 petitions have been signed to recall Governor Walker.

On December 1 (Thursday) we're marching with the New York City Central Labor Council at 4 PM from Herald Square to Union Square (NYC) for Economic Fairness and Jobs.  NO rally and NO Speeches! Just marching! For more info head here. If you'd like to join us, send us an email!
There are 14 million unemployed in America, while the richest 1% has tripled its wealth over the past 30 years. Everyday, we see hard-working families struggling to get by.  The labor movement will never be satisfied when so many working-class people find themselves shut out of the American dream. 

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