Thursday, April 26, 2012

Everyone is Talking about Walmart...

Everyone is writing about Walmart these days,

Walmart took part in bribes, then lobbied to weaken anti-bribery laws (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).  The Washington Post does a great expose.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “We are unequivocally opposed to weakening the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,” Clinton said. “We don’t need to lower our standards. We need to work with other countries to raise theirs. I actually think a race to the bottom would probably disadvantage us.”

Meanwhile the Justice Department is now launching an investigation into Walmart's systematic bribing of public officials.  Here is the letter the House Committee on Oversight sent to Michael Duke.

Time magazine quoted UFCW Joe Hansen and picks up on NYC Council Speaker and Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn's quote:
“The corporation’s tactics of bribery, scheming and corruption are the latest in a litany of despicable business practices including discrimination, worker mistreatment and predatory pricing,” Quinn said. “This is precisely the type of business we do not want in our communities and I remain committed to fighting against Wal-Mart’s corporate poison from entering the five boroughs.”
Check out other quotes from NY Politicians here

Time Magazine has yet another in depth great piece, How big a Deal is Walmart's Bribery Scandal?
@samgustin on #Walmart: Bribery scandal is just the latest headache for a company that has become a symbol for a certain breed of American capitalism: outsize, relentless, global and expansionary

Richard Tumka, President of the AFL-CIO guest commentary in the Huffington Post: Is Walmart too Big, Powerful, Influential to Obey the Law?

President Joe Hansen has released a statement calling for new leadership at Walmart, and Walmart workers have started a petition on asking to end the corruption at Walmart.

Capital NewYork takes an in depth look at Walmart's 'wooing of New Yorkers', their campaign to change New York's mind about em. 

Looks like we need a new excuse,  a new study suggests Food Deserts are not primarily linked to obesity.

Great read & editorial: Without Unions, Workers left without a voice.

Find out what's going on with other UFCW Locals throughout the country by checking out UFCW's OnPoint.

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