Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What to Read Wednesday: How much will the bribes hurt Walmart?

Progressive Grocer writes about Target remodeling stores, neglects to write how stores throughout the country will remain open, but Target Valley Stream will close in 4 days for renovations.

Walmart, after bribing Mexican Officials to get into Mexico, is working here in the U.S. to weaken International Anti-Bribery laws.  Forbes looks at what this will mean for their business, TheStreet wonders if they're the next Enron and if AG Eric Holder will go after Walmart.

The Mexico news has stirred up lots of politics in NY races.  The USA Today covered yesterday's Walmart speak out at NYC City Hall.

Governor Cuomo (N.Y.) doesn't have a position on Walmart in NYC.

To respond Walmart has created a new position to insure the company is in line with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Whole Foods will be opening a 'pop-up' store in Montauk for the summer season. The farmers market type store test the location to see if they'll be able to set up permanently in the East End of Long Island.

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