Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What 2 Read on Tuesday

The NY Observer asks, just how desperate Walmart is to get into NYC.

Fairway Market has filed papers to go public.

The world's largest ShopRite opened in PA.
In case you missed it: Senator Sanders on the six Walmart Heirs: Waltons' wealth = 40% of Americans.  vimeo.com/46837120

NELP (National Employment-Law Project) just released a report finding big companies pay the lowest wages.  Target ranked in at #4, while you guessed it, Walmart came in at #1 on the list of largest employers paying the lowest wages.

FactCheck.org found out that Romney's "awesome" tax plan is mathematically impossible.  Also, Romney's campaign continues to edit Obama video clips to their liking.

Another report on what the potential aftermath of Supervalu CEO change could mean for unions.

Labor Press: Arizona's Immigrants and Unions (UFCW Local 99) Organizing against "Show Me Your Papers" Law.

Unions like the Food and Commercial Workers Local 99 in Phoenix and Tucson have been spurred by the law to negotiate contract language that requires employers to notify the union at the same time as they notify the member of any immigration-related actions taken against them, giving them time to find legal counsel. In addition the union has also secured a 90-day window for the worker to make sure documents are up to date

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