Friday, August 2, 2013

Top 13 News stories this week

1.  If you haven't heard, Fast-Food workers have been on  massive strikes throughout the nation.  Time magazine even wrote up on the workers discovering collective power. Sign the petition and stand with them.  And if you're up for a laugh, see how The Daily Show reacted to the media coverage of the Fast-Food strike.

2.  Ask Working America: What gives Management and Directors a right to threaten workers?

3.  Nevada became the 11th state to enact password protection laws to protect workers, but how much protection do these laws really provide?  Considerations for similar laws are ongoing in 20 states.

4.  Labor Notes: Obamacare opens for business...Shuts Out Labor

5.  Washington Post notices that Unions are getting creative to cure the decline in membership.

6.  Fresh Grocer chain of 8 supermarkets is joining Shop Rite's Wakefern supplier.

7. Aldi opened a new store in Brooklyn at a former Pathmark site.

8. The New York City Council passed a bill that would that makes it illegal to purchase any bulk amount of collected recyclable cans.

9.  Up in Buffalo, Local 36G Cohen's Bakery is on strike.

10.  In a coordinated attack, Walmart has finally retaliated against over 60 employees who participated in strikes this year.

11.  Walmart actually took out an Op-Ed in a college paper to defend themselves against a college Junior who wrote they should pay higher wages.  Classic.

12.  A&P updated Supermarket News on the possible sale.

13.  South Jersey UFCW Local 152 ratified a new contract with Shop Rite.

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