Friday, August 16, 2013

Top 12 Stories This Week

The higher the dot, the more income inequality: 

1.  New Study (Even though we all know this): The United States has the WORST income inequality in the developed world!  Thanks to Wall Street- Check out the study.

2.   Walmart's poor earnings caused Wall Street to slip.

3.  UFCW on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington  “The need to mobilize for freedom, jobs and equality has never been stronger, and the UFCW is honored to continue the work of the 1963 activists by fighting for social and economic justice in the workplace and in our communities.”

4.  Know Robert Reich? After you see his new movie on the middle class, you'll want to.  (Watch this, worth it)

5.  The new model for American Liberalism may be in tact in California...Check out what the L.A. Alliance for a New Economy is doing.

6.  Check out what Cobert had to say about raising the minimum wage, and how it might help America's poverty problems.

7.  Stop & Frisk, a controversial police tactic here in NYC, was ruled federally unconstitutional this week...Mayor Bloomberg wasn't happy.

8.  The Asian specialty grocer, H Mart, is opening a new location in Bayside.

9.  Walmart is opening college campus stores, again.

10.  North Carolina has some new voting restrictions, and they pretty much suppress elderly, minorities, students and anyone with low-income. 

11.  An audit found the NSA violated Surveillance Rules a couple of times.

12.  Fast-Food Strikes: "To Grow Much Bigger Than You'd Expect"- Union Leader.

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