Thursday, December 12, 2013

Strike Signs Prepped for Stop & Shop

By: Tony Speelman, Lead Negotiator UFCW Local 1500

Last night members from Stop & Shop, King Kullen, Pathmark, Fairway, D'Agostino, Key Food and Shop Rite came together to support Stop & Shop workers. Together as a union we made over 1,000 picket signs in preparation for a potential strike at Stop & Shop (Thank you to all who came and for your support!).

 Right now our union is still negotiating with the company. A Trustee meeting scheduled for all day tomorrow to discuss Pension & Welfare. However, we are continuing to prepare for a strike. Tomorrow you will receive more information in your store. Today our Stop & Shop (and King Kullen) Union Negotiators are meeting with the UFCW International to further prepare for a potential work action. The 1.3 million member International Union has already pledged their full support, if this becomes a full-scale labor dispute and we go on strike.

As I previously said, the coming days will be the ultimate test for you and our union. We will not continue to give Stop & Shop the sweat off our backs for the rest of the holiday season while they refuse to propose a contract you can live with. I urge you to be patient, strong and motivated during this process. Our union's solidarity, strength and commitment will often be tested by Stop & Shop’s management team. Do not believe any rumors you hear in the next few days. Rumors are started by management for one simple reason, to divide us. We will win a good contract with one thing, complete solidarity in the stores.  We are fighting every second of the day to try and secure not just "any contract" but the best contract we can.

 To date, over 100 organizations, politicians and people have pledged their support and adopted picket lines at Stop & Shop stores throughout Long Island, NYC and Dutchess/Putnam/Westchester counties in the event we strike (check the map here). Thank you for the overwhelming support, communication and solidarity. Any attempts to separate our union membership must be met with a unified response that we are all together.

 We need to support one another now more than ever, so again, thank you, for your patience and trust while we stand together and fight for a fair contract from Stop & Shop. Everyone should know that the last thing we ever want to do is to create an economic hardship for any of our members, your communities or your loyal customers. If you're not already, please follow our Facebook & Twitter, where updates are posted daily.


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Want to Help?

  • Talk to your friends and coworkers about this update! 
  • Adopt a Stop & Shop and pledge to walk a picket line if we strike.
  • Check our Community Page here.

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